Privacy and cookie policy

1. Parties and Intent of the Privacy Policy Chart

1.1 The person responsible for the treatment is the company Sunslice SPRL, whose head office is located at Chemin du Cyclotron, 6; Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, 1348(hereafter named “Sunslice”).

1.2 Sunslice establishes the present Privacy Policy chart having for purpose to inform with full transparency the Users of the website hosted at the address, (hereafter named « Website»), about the different ways private data is being collected and treated by Sunslice. The Users will be obligated to get acquainted with said Privacy Policy chart by ticking the box provided to this end on the Website and in accordance to point 6.

1.3 The term «User» refers to any user, meaning, any physical person or corporation, who consults the Website or its content, who provides personal information on the Website, registers via any form available on the Website or contracts with Sunslice.

1.4 In that capacity, Sunslice, and/or its partners providing services in its name and for its activity, determines all technical, legal and organisational means and purposes regarding the treatment of the Users’ personal data. For this purpose, Sunslice commits to take all the necessary measures to guarantee that personal data is treated according to the European regulation date of April 26th 2016 relative to the protection of personal data regarding the treatment of data of personal information and the right to access to this data (hereafter the « GDPR Regulation»).

1.5 Sunslice is free to choose any physical person or corporation to treat personal data of the Users to its request and on its behalf (hereafter « the Subcontractor»). If any, Sunslice commits to select a subcontractor who offers sufficient guarantees as to the technical and organisational security measures to be implemented for the treatment of personal data, in view of the GDPR Regulation.

2. Treatment of personal data

2.1. The use of the Website by the Users will allow the communication of personal data. Personal data likely to be treated are covered in point 5. The treatment of this data by Sunslice, in its quality of treatment Manager, and/or by service providers acting on in the name of and on behalf of Sunslice, will comply with the GDPR Regulation.

2.2 Personal data will be treated by Sunslice, according to the purposes cited in point 3, via:

  1. An automatic procedure

  2. The newsletter subscription form ;

  3. The use of cookies;

  4. The use of a surveys or questionnaires;

  5. The sharing of free content.

2.3 Sunslice also collects non-personal data supplied indirectly by the Users. This data is anonymous in the sense that they will not be able to identify directly or indirectly the Users. It will therefore be used for anonymous statistical purposes, improve the Website, proposed products and services or Sunsice adverts. Such a use of non-personal data cannot be used in the case where they are combined with data of a personal nature, such that identification of a User is possible.

3. Finality of treatment of personal data.

In compliance to article 13 of the GDPR Regulation, the finalities of the treatment of personal data are communicated to the User and are the following :

  1. Insure the execution of proposed and agreed services on the Website
  2. Insure the control of the execution of the proposed services
  3. Carry out marketing activities and promotional campaigns after obtaining the consent of the User and until this consent is revoked, such as, for example, sending promotions on products and services provided by Sunslice.
  4. Obtain statistics in order to improve the Website, proposed services and the internal organisation of Sunslice.
  5. Improve the Website and product/service quality proposed by Sunslice ;
  6. The management of the relationship between Sunslice and the Users, for example by sending newsletters to communicate changes and updates to the Website;
  7. Answer any question which the Users may ask about Sunslice (on the “Contact us” page of the Website).
4. Cookies

The Website uses cookies to distinguish the Users of the Website. This provides the Users with a better navigation experience and the improvement of the Website and its content. The objectives and modalities of said cookies are included in the present article.


4.1.General principles

4.1.1 A « cookie » is a small file that is temporarily or permanently stored on the hard drive of the User’s computer when consulting the Website, in view of a future connection. The use of cookies allows the server to recognize the User’s computer.Cookies can also be installed by third-parties with whom Sunslice collaborates.

4.1.2. Certain cookies used by Sunslice are necessary for the correct operation of the Website, whereas others improve the User’s experience.

4.1.2.The User can personalise or deactivate cookies by changing the settings of the User’s web browser, according to point 4.4 of the present article.


4.1.3. By using the Website, the User undeniably expresses his/her  agreement with the way cookies are used as expressed in the present article.

4.2. Types of cookies et and purposes pursued.

Different types of cookies are used by Sunslice on the Website:

  • Technical cookies: they are necessary for the exploitation of the Website, allow the communication of introduced data and are destined to improve and facilitate the User’s browsing;

  • Statistical audience mesurement cookies: these cookies allow the detection of the User and are used to quantify the number of Users of the Website over a certain period of time. When they also indicate the browsing behaviour of the User, they are an efficient way to imprive the browsing experience of the User, by suggesting different offers likely to interest the User. They also allow Sunslice to detect possible bugs on the Website and correct them.

  • Functionnal cookies: These cookies facilitate the use of the Website by memorising certain choices introduced by the User (for example, the username of the preferred language) ;

  • Tracking cookies: Sunslice uses tracking cookies via Google Analytics, to measure the interaction of the Users with the Website’s content in order to produce anonymous statistics. These statistics allow Sunslice to perfect the Website and their products or services. Google provides a detailed explanation of these cookies at the following address:

4.3.Cookie conservation delays.

This delay never exceeds the time necessary to accomplish the desired purpose, with a maximum of 12 months.

4.4. Cookie management


4.4.1. If the User doesn’t want the Website to place cookies on his/her hard drive, the User can easily manage or delete them by modifying the browser settings. The programming of the browser also allows the User to receive a notification whenever a website uses cookies, allowing the User to accept or refuse browsing this website.

 4.4.2. If the User deactivates certain cookies, he/she accepts and understands that the Website may not work optimally. Certain parts of the Website could therefore not be used as a result, either partially or totally.

4.4.3. If the User wishes to manage and/or delete certain cookies, he/she may do so using (one of) the following link(s):

For Users using

Internet Explorer:




4.4.4. If the User refuses the use of Google Analytics, he/she is invited to modify the settings of his/her browser in that intent at the following address:

5. Personal data likely to be treated

The User consents, in accordance to point 6, that when visiting and using the Website, Sunslice may record and treat, under the conditions and modalities detailed in the present Chart, the following data of personal nature:

  1. The information about the Users which are given by the Users to Sunslice for contractual purposes and to allow the good execution of reciprocal obligations, such as the name, surname, address, IBAN and bank data… and more broadly put, any information voluntarily given by the User;
  2. The User information given by the users when filling any type of forms or when contacting Sunslice by phone, email or any other mean of communication. It can be, for example, the name, postal address, e-mail, phone number of Users etc.
  3. Concerning every User visit on the Website, information that is automatically collected are : 
    1. The IP address, the browser type, the time zone, the operating system.
    2. General information regarding the pages consulted by the User, such as the URL, browsing time, …
6. Consent

6.1 By accessing the Website and using it, the User declares having taken notice of the present Chart by ticking the box presenting the Chart’s link and/or by carrying out an operation on the Website and/or in relation with Sunslice, subordinated to the acceptance of the chart.

6.2 The User consents to let Sunslice treat and collect, according to the modalities and principles explained and included in the present Chart, his/her data of personal nature which have been communicated on the Website, and/or through the services proposed by Sunslice, for the purposes indicated in point 3.

6.3 The User has the right to withdraw his/her consent at any time. The withdrawal of this consent does not comprise the legality of treatment based on previously granted consent. This right can be exercised by email by sending an email to

7. Duration of conservation of User personal data.

7.1 In accordance to article 13 §2 of the GDPR Regulation and of the law, Sunslice only keeps personal data during a reasonable amount of time, necessary to accomplish the purposes for which they are treated.

7.2 Data of personal nature of a User is conserved maximum 12 months after the end of the contractual relation which binds the User to Sunslice.

8. Receiver of data and disclosure to third parties

8.1 Personal data can be transferred to employees or collaborators of Sunslice who are located in Belgium or in the European Union and collaborate with Sunslice in the context of commercialising products or provide services. They act under the direct authority of Sunslice, and are responsible to collect, treat or subcontract this data. Personal data can also be disclosed to employees or collaborators of Sunslice if Sunslice decides so.

8.2 In all cases, the recipients of the data and those to whom the data has been disclosed are bound to respect the content of the present Chart. Sunslice ensures that they will treat this data for the same purposes as those intended in point 3, in a discreet and secure manner.

8.3 In the hypothetical case where data was to be disclosed to third parties for direct marketing puposes or prospection, the User will be informed beforehand, such that he/she may express his/her consent to the use of his/her personal data.

9. User rights

Sunslice guarantees a loyal and legal treatment of the personal data of the Users .

At any time, the User may exert his/her rights by sending a message by email to the address or in writing by post addressed to: Sunslice SPRL, Chemin du Cyclotron 6, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, by joining a copy of their ID card.

  • 9.1. Right to access

9.1.1 In accordance to article 15 du GDPR Regulation, Sunslice guarantees the right to access of the User to his/her personal data.

9.1.2 Sunslice can require the payment of reasonable costs based on the administrative costs to provide any copy required by the User.

9.1.3 When the User introduces this demand electronically (by email for example), the information are provided in return by a common electronic means of communication, unless explicitly required otherwise by the User.

 9.1.4 The copy of the data will be communicated to the User at latest during the month which follows the reception of said demand.

  • 9.2. Right of rectification

9.2.1 Sunslice guarantees the right to rectify and delete a User’s private data.

9.2.2 According the article 16 of the GDPR Regulation, incorrect, inexact, or irrelevant data can be corrected or deleted at any time through the request of a User to Sunslice.

9.2.3 According to article 19 of the GDPR Regulation, Sunslice notifies every recipient to whom personal data has been communicated of any changes made to the data, unless such communication is deemed impossible or requires disproportionate efforts. Sunslice provides, to the person concerned, the information about the recipients upon request.

  • 9.3. Right to suppression

9.3.1 The User has the right to obtain the suppression of his/her personal data as soon as possible, following the hypotheses enumerated in article 17 of the GDPR Regulation.

9.3.2. In the event where Sunslice  made public data of personal nature and is bound to delete them according to the previous paragraph, considering available technologies and the cost of implementation, Sunslice takes reasonable measures, including technical measures, to inform other parties responsible for the treatment of the data, that the User affected has demanded that his/her data be deleted by the people responsible for the treatment of any kind of this data, or of any copy or reproduction of this data.

9.3.3 Paragraphs 9.3.1 and 9.3.2 don’t apply in the event where this treatment is necessary:

  1. The exercising of the right to freedom of expression and information ;
  2. To respect a legal obligation which requires the treatment intended by the Laws of the European Union or of the member state under which the person or entity responsible for the treatment of data is subjected, or to execute a mission of public interest or falling under the jurisdiction of public authority under which the person or entity responsible for the treatment of the data is dependent.  
  3. For the ascertment, excercise or defence of rights in justice.
  • 4. Right of treatment limitation

9.4.1 The user has the right to obtain the suppression of his/her personal data following the hypotheses enumerated in article 18 of the GDPR Regulation.

9.4.2 In accordance to article 19 of the GDPR Regulation, Sunslice notifies every recipient to whom personal data has been communicated all the limitations of the treatment done, unless such communication is deemed impossible or disproportionate. Sunslice provides to the person affected information about the recipients upon demand.

  • 9.5. Right of portability of data

9.5.1 In accordance to article 20 of the GDPR Regulation, the Users have the right, upon request, to receive from Sunslice their data of personal nature, in a structured commonly used and readable format. The Users have the right to transfer these data to another data manager to the extent intended by the GDPR regulation without being opposed to by Sunslice.

9.5.2 When the User exercises his/her right to portability of data by applying the previous paragraph, he/she has the right to obtain that the data be transferred from one data manager to another, when that is technically possible.

9.5.3 The exercise of the right referred to in paragraph 1 of the present article is without prejudice to the right of suppression referred to in point 9.3.

9.5.4 The right referred to in point 9.5.1 does not undermine the right to freedom of third parties.

  • 9.6. Right to opposition and individual automatic decision taking

9.6.1 When personal data is treated for prospection purposes, the User has the right to oppose the treatment of his/her data at any time for prospection purposes, including for profiling when it is linked to such prospection.

9.6.2 When the person affected opposes the treatment of data for prospection purposes, the personal data are no longer treated to this end.

  • 9.7. Right of complaint

The User has the right to introduce a complaint concerning the treatment of personal data by Sunslice to the Commission de la Protection de la Vie Privée, competent for the Belgian territory. More information can be found on the website:

The introduction of a complaint can be done at the following address :

Commission pour la Protection de la Vie Privée Rue de la Presse, 35 1000 Bruxelles.

Tél. + 32 2 274 48 00

Fax. + 32 2 274 48 35


10. Limitation of responsibility by the data manager.

10.1.The Website can contain links towards other websites owned by third parties with no link to Sunslice.The content of such websites and the respect of these websites regarding the Law and the GDPR Regulation does not fall under the responsibility of Sunslice.

10.2 The bearer of parental authority must give his/her explicit consent to release the personal data of minors under 16 years old. Sunslice strongly advises people exercising parental authority on minors to promote a responsible use of the Internet. Sunslice cannot be held responsible for having collected and treated personal data of minors under 16 years old whose consent is not covered by that of their legal parents or for incorrect data – such as age – introduced by minors. In no case will personal data be treated by Sunslice if the User details that he/she is aged under 16 years old.

10.3. Sunslice is not responsible to the loss, corruption or theft of personal data caused by the presence of a virus or cyber attacks with respect to point 11.

11. Security

11.1 Sunslice implements the organisational and technical measures to guarantee an level of security appropriate for the collection and treatment of personal data. These measures depend on the costs of the implementation with regard to the nature, the context and the purpose of the personal data treatment.

11.2 Sunslice uses standard encryption technologies within its IT services during the tranfer or the collection of data on the Website.

12. Modification of the privacy policy chart.

    Sunslice reserves the right to modify the present privacy policy Chart in order to abide to the legal obligations in the field. The User is therefore invited to regularly consult the Privacy Policy Chart in order to take notice of the modifications and adaptations. Such modifications will be commincated either through a notification on the Website, by email  for purposes of opposability.

      13. Applicable Law and competent jurisdiction.

      The present Chart is exclusively governed by the laws of Belgium. Any litigation will be brought before the courts of the judicial district of Nivelles.