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  • Solar charger

    Sunslice Photon

    The Sunslice Photon is the smallest solar charger in the world. Efficiency and unprecedented portability are gathered in a single product that will give you the freedom of true portability.

    2 charging cables can be carried together in the Photon. 

    • micro-USB to charge standard android smartphones
    • Lightning to charge Apple products (iPhone, iPad, …
  • Solar charger


    This magnetized carabiner allows the user to easily fix the Photon solar charger to any attachment point.

  • Solar charger

    Inclination System

    This credit-card sized inclination system allows the user to easily tilt the solar charger towards the Sun and benefit from an optimal charging rate. You can also use it to hold your phone on a table.

  • Solar charger

    Additional cable

    Add a cable to your order to increase your charging options. The Photon can contain 2 cables simultaneously.

  • Tranportable power

    Sunslice PowerWallet

    A Wallet that charges your phone!

    Most phone run out of battery everyday. That’s why we created the PowerWallet, a slim, elegant and truly practical daily solution for the modern professional.

    • Detachable battery (3000 mAh, 1.5 phone charges)
    • Charging cable included
    • Holds up to 12 cards
    • Large pocket for Bills  
    • Minimalistic and stylish design

    The PowerWallet accompanies …