What is Sunslice?


Our products are lightweight and fit in a pocket, for true portability.


The world's best power-to-size ratio.


Great functionality, quality and durability combined in a beautiful design.


Excellent innovation that stands out from its competitors by its quality-price ratio.

Maurizio B. (buyer of the Photon)

This is what I was looking for for my long distance hikings

Adrien B. (buyer of the Photon)

Very practical, quick and easy to pack

Hubert D. (buyer of the Photon)

The Photon

Your lifesaver for outdoor activities

Pocket sized, lightweight, fast and robust, the Photon will give you freedom like no other. No need to worry about your Phone running out of battery anymore, making your outdoor trip hassle-free.

The Volta

The wallet for business professional

The Powerwallet is a design genuine-leather  wallet that includes a battery. Avoid battery troubles during your day. This elegant wallet will keep you charged-up and classy, whenever, wherever.